Cities & Buildings Watt Matters Podcast - 08/November/2023

In the public eye

Public transport operators are highly visible to the wider public. Increasingly their services are being electrified or run on clean energy. In this special live episode, Watt Matters delves into the procurement issues these operators are facing when it comes to low-carbon solutions

From FORESIGHT Climate & Energy, Watt Matters is a podcast all about the energy transition and the shift to a decarbonised economy ...

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Advantageous liaisons

There are many ways district heating systems could benefit from greater coupling with industrial processes. But barriers remain, meaning opportunities to decarbonise are being missed

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Strength in flexibility

Once combined and electrified, the millions of homes everywhere could provide substantial flexibility capacity to support grid operators integrate increasing levels of green electricity

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Regulating methane emissions

Flaring, venting and leaky infrastructure in the energy sector are leading to climate-killing carbon dioxide and methane escaping into the atmosphere - one EU law is trying to prevent this

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Where are we now?

As we reach the summer break, Jan, Michaela and David reflect on the year so far, what we have missed and what needs to be focussed on for the rest of the year

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Power to the people: UK’s net zero transition

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Indecent proposals

In a special live recording of the podcast, Michael Liebreich, Katharina Umpfenbach and Dennis Hesseling join the team to discuss shifting the energy infrastructure of today into a decarbonised system of tomorrow

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