Watt Matters Podcast - 24/October/2023

Poland’s new green dawn?

A big power shift is expected in Poland, and not just in the Sejm. Following an election which saw opposition parties win more support than the conservative incumbents. Dr Joanna Maćkowiak-Pandera, founder of Forum Energii, joins Watt Matters to discuss what this could mean for climate and energy policy.


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Since 2015, Poland has been governed by the Law and Justice Party, which has been sceptical about EU climate policy and been at loggerheads with Brussels over rule of law, leading to the suspension of EU funds, including those earmarked for the green transition.

This could all be about to change following October’s nationalelection where the opposition parties together won more support than the Law and Justice Party. With the groups now expected to form a coalition, this could mean a more pro-EU, climate-friendly government.

To discuss what changes the new Polish government might bring about, founder and president of the Polish think tank Forum Energii, Dr Joanna Maćkowiak-Pandera, joins David Weston and Kira Taylor.

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Illustration: Masha Krasnova-Shabaeva.

Show notes:You can find the Expert Council on Energy Security and Climate’s recommendations for policy actions for the new Polish government here.


What caught our eye this week:

Joanna’s pick: Poland Shows That Autocracy Is Not Inevitable – by Anne Applebaum for The Atlantic

Kira’s pick: European Commission plans new support for renewables  in European Wind Power Package

David’s pick: Drinks giant Coca-Cola wants to make its bottle tops from carbon dioxide taken out of the atmosphere



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