Watt Matters Podcast - 24/March/2023

Securing a slice of the PPA market

With a buying power significantly stronger than the general public, corporations are looking to buy up solar capacity through power purchase agreements (PPAs) to help decarbonise their activities. But the market, and the regulations, are not yet ready


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The world of PPAs is complex, particularly for corporations seeking to secure and decarbonise their power sources.

But as demand for clean capacity from businesses grows, so must the PPA market. Maintaining the fluidity of the market and ensuring everyone can get a slice of the pie if they want to is a challenge for operators, developers and regulators.

In a special live recording of the podcast at the SolarPower Summit in Brussels in early March, the Watt Matters team are joined by an esteemed panel of experts from across the corporate sourcing world to discuss these challenges and how the market is also providing some of the solutions. This week’s guests are:

  • Ruud Kempener from DG Ener at the European Commission
  • Annie Scanlan, Policy & Impact Director from RE-Source, a forum for corporate renewable energy sourcing
  • Maria Flora Middelboe Andersen, Reel Energy, a Danish digital power market aggregation company
  • Toby Ferenczi, CEO and co-founder of Granular Energy, a software company that helps utilities, traders and large energy buyers to manage their portfolio of energy certificates
  • Jaime Gorjon Piquer, PPA Origination Director at Portugese utility EDPR
  • Nick Keramidas, Executive Director of EU & Regulator Affairs, Mytilienos, a Greek electro-intensive metallurgical company

Enjoy the show.

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Ruud Kempener
Annie Scanlan
Maria Flora Middelboe Andersen
Toby Ferenczi
Jaime Gorjon Piquer
Nick Keramidas
Michaela Holl
Jan Rosenow
David Weston
FORESIGHT Climate & Energy

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Illustration: Masha Krasnova-Shabaeva.


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