Watt Matters Podcast - 11/November/2022

The present and the future of solar

With solar photovoltaic technology now established, creative new schemes—both technical and financial—are being developed across the globe. In this episode of Watt Matters, we discuss how innovative the solar industry has become and where there is work still left to do


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Global solar capacity continues to rise and solar PV is becoming ever more popular among homeowners as costs fall. As its role in the energy transition becomes more prominent, new technologies and business models developing. Our guest this week is Alexandra Sombsthay, vice president for external relations at renewable energy developer Akuo Energy. In this episode, we discuss new, innovative possibilities and solutions for solar energy, including agrivoltaics and progress in storage technologies.

Prior to joining Akuo, Alexandra previously worked at the European Commission in the directorate-general for energy. Alexandra was posted between 2006-07 at the EU delegation in Beijing, where she initiated the Euro-China Clean Energy Centre. She has previously worked as an adviser on European affairs for the Belgian Minister for Environment and Energy.

Enjoy the show!

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Illustration: Masha Krasnova-Shabaeva. Art director: Trine Natskår.

Show notes:
World Energy Outlook 2022 – Analysis – IEA

SolarPower Europe extremely concerned by Commission proposals on Electricity Market measures
The world is missing its lofty climate targets. Time for some realism | The Economist
Updates from COP27 in Egypt | Clean Energy Council


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