Watt Matters Podcast - 30/September/2022

A toolbox for the EU’s energy crisis

In this episode of Watt Matters, we make sense of the short and long-term measures that Brussels is proposing to alleviate Europe's energy price crisis and its impact on the EU's energy companies


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In response to the energy price crisis, EU national governments have been grappling with finding the proper measures to reduce their energy demand and alleviate consumers and industry from high prices without harming the energy companies’ ability to continue investing.

However, a European problem requires a European response. For this reason, the European Commission has proposed several measures, such as ‘solidarity contributions’ from fossil fuel companies or caps on utility revenues. In turn, Brussels is now to propose a widespread reform of the EU’s electricity market.

In this episode of Watt Matters, we make sense of the short and long-term measures that Brussels is looking into, and the effect on energy utilities, with Marion Labatut, deputy director for European Affairs and Head of the Brussels office at French energy company EDF. Are these short-term taxes on energy companies effective? And what should an electricity market fit for the future look like?

Labatut draws from twelve years of professional experience in energy and climate policy for government entities, a trade association and the private sector. She previously served as Policy Director at Eurelectric, the Brussels-based European power sector trade body, where she occupied several managerial and expert roles over six years.

Enjoy the show!

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Illustration: Masha Krasnova-Shabaeva. Art director: Trine Natskår.

Show notes:
Macron Inaugurates France’s First Offshore Wind Farm
Fracking won’t work in UK says founder of fracking company Cuadrilla | Fracking | The Guardian


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