Markets - 14/November/2017

What storage is for and what it cannot do

Special report - Electricity Storage part 2/5: Filling in for wind and solar over days of calm and cloudy weather is not a task storage can perform, even if it was a power system requirement

Understanding how electricity storage can competitively add value to power system management is key to assessing if and where there is a market for it as the transition to renewable energy progresses. Storage can potentially increase the range of options for meeting any or all of four principal requirements for reliable supply: provision of bulk power to make up for deficits in the variable output of solar and wind; system services (frequency response, reserves, voltage support) to provide increased flexibility in power system operation; management of variability to reduce price peaks and thus the cost of matching supply and demand; and easement of congestion on the network to reduce curtailment of green power production and defer spending on grid expansion. ...

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