Jason Deign Technology - 15/December/2021

The energy transition is at risk by hydrogen’s perceived simplicity

Low-carbon hydrogen will almost certainly be needed to cut emissions across a range of hard-to-abate sectors. However, if it is used to solve too many problems, it could end up delaying the energy transition and putting urgent decarbonisation plans in jeopardy

The hype around low-carbon hydrogen risks crowding out more efficient ways of getting some hard-to-abate sectors to net-zero by 2050

HARD TO ABATE Low-carbon hydrogen is being touted as the key to dealing with sectors that cannot easily be decarbonised through electrification

IMPOSSIBLE TASK Experts worry that too much emphasis on hydrogen could divert attention and funds away from more effective ways of reaching net-zero

KEY QUOTE Direct electricity usage is always best, for efficiency reasons ...


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