Renewable Energy


Batteries for grid support not bulk supply

Batteries score in their ability to rapidly inject bursts of electricity into the grid, but demand for the service is not greater in countries furthest ahead in transitioning to renewable energy

The not so essential role of electricity storage

Special report - Electricity Storage part 1/5: Belief about the need for electricity storage is no substitute for hard evidence. Countries furthest ahead with transitioning to renewable energy are doing so without incurring the cost of storage. As a foundation for decision making, belief is a dangerous quicksand. Investors beware.

What storage is for and what it cannot do

Special report - Electricity Storage part 2/5: Filling in for wind and solar over days of calm and cloudy weather is not a task storage can perform, even if it was a power system requirement

No compromise on security of supply

In green and flexible power systems, services like rapid cures for hiccups in grid frequency can be valuable

The dangers of using a sharp instrument

Auctions of power purchase contracts as a price-setting mechanism for wind energy are proving to be sharp tools for driving down cost. But sharp tools need handling with care

Spending pennies to save pounds

Theme on Energy Efficiency part 1/5: The payback period for energy saving investments can be painfully long and the risk of no payback frighteningly big. There are ways to tear down both barriers

Scandinavia shows the way for clean transport

Theme on Energy Efficiency part 2/5: Norway has the world's highest proportion of EV owners and Denmark is electrifying ship propulsion. It is time to change the way electricity is billed for

In the hands of engineers

Theme on Energy Efficiency part 3/5: Better engineering everywhere can cut industrial energy use in all applications

A path to growth and welfare

Theme on Energy Efficiency part 4/5: Companies are not investing enough in energy efficiency in order to reap its benefits. This is the economic oddity of energy efficiency, says Brian Motherway, head of energy efficiency at International Energy Agency

Make the real cost of energy visible

Theme on Energy Efficiency part 5/5: What it takes is the right information and the right prices

In brief

Chinese CO2 emissions under control; EU fossil fuel dependency rises; conventional power bleeds billions of value; German Energiewende not a blueprint for the world; bank washes o dirty coal; o shore wind lull before the next storm

Big business drives market expansion

The world’s major corporations are wielding their enormous power to increase supplies of renewable energy (07:25)

Powerfully balanced

How to integrate renewables into an energy system while keeping lights on (08:58)
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