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The energy transition is about more than switching power carriers. Replacing fossil fuels with renewable forms of energy generation is perhaps the most significant change the world will make in its attempts to avoid the catastrophic effects of climate change. Still, it is not as simple as a straight swap. It requires a complete overhaul of how we live and interact with our world. This is where energy efficiency and the efficient use of energy comes in


Net-zero is made easier by the efficient use of energy

For a successful transition, we need to make sure the energy we use is used in a smarter, greener way. The current energy crisis which has seen household bills skyrocket makes the need for energy efficiency even more relevant. As we find in these pages, electrification alone will somewhat reduce energy demand. But bringing demand and consumption down further, and using electricity in smarter, more efficient ways, makes the goal of the energy transition more attainable, more quickly.

What was not predicted when we first started work on this issue was a second crisis: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the ensuing geopolitical fallout. Europe’s lawmakers have turbocharged efforts to cut the region’s dependence on Russian oil and gas, which is putting greater focus on clean energy and energy efficiency in buildings.

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