Policy Dispatch Podcast Sam Morgan - 07/October/2022

Europe’s crisis policy outlook

This week, Policy Dispatch chats with Agora Energiewende expert and FORESIGHT's own Michaela Holl about the EU's response to the ongoing energy crisis


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Sky-high energy prices have threatened to bankrupt households and businesses alike, prompting governments and the European Union to dig into their pockets and design new energy and economic policies meant to quell the crisis.

There is a lot of uncharted territory to cover. Governments have never had to replace energy supplies at such short notice and so comprehensively before. The EU has never had to build policies that skim off the huge revenue profits made by energy companies. Sacred cows like electricity market rules are suddenly on the chopping block. It is an exciting time to track these developments.

Business as usual also continues to some extent for legislators and policymakers. How has the current situation affected work on issues like long-term renewables deployment and energy savings targets? Is the crisis proving to be a disruptive or galvanising influence on policies that aim to make Europe the first climate-neutral continent?

Policy Dispatch caught up with FORESIGHT-regular Michaela Holl from Agora Energiewende to discuss all of this and more. Once you’ve listened to this episode, be sure to check out the latest edition of Watt Matters, which goes into even more detail about how all these measures are going to affect energy utilities.

Enjoy the dispatch!

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