Policy Dispatch Podcast Sam Morgan - 14/November/2023

Moldova’s crisis-driven transition

Moldova’s energy policies and the politics that drive them have been completely upended by Russia’s invasion of neighbouring Ukraine. State-secretary Carolina Novac explains why Moldova has the potential to quickly go green


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Home to nearly 3 million people and nestled on Europe’s eastern frontier between Romania and Ukraine, Moldova has been significantly affected by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine because of its extremely fragile energy security situation.

That prompted Moldova to hook its electricity grid up to continental Europe’s and to pursue an even more ambitious strategy to align itself with European Union rules and regulations. This month, the EU said that membership talks should begin as soon as possible.

On top of all that, Moldova also wants to bolster its energy security by ramping up renewable power and generating homegrown electricity, rather than relying on others to provide energy. Bountiful natural resources and political momentum mean that Moldova could well end up decarbonising quicker than some Western European countries.

State-secretary for energy Carolina Novac explains in this episode why Moldova has embarked on a green path, what challenges are standing in its way and what is needed from its international partners to pull it off.

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