Policy Dispatch Podcast Sam Morgan - 08/September/2023

Sparking the transition

The energy transition will only happen if industry is onboard. Despite what some naysayers claim, many companies have rolled their sleeves up already. This week, we hear from one of the sector’s leaders about their goals and objectives


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Decarbonisation is happening across sectors, and although the pace may at times be less than required, the direction of travel is generally the correct one. Industries and businesses are all starting to actively engage with the energy transition in one shape or another. That means there is a role for firms to help other companies clean up their act.

This week, Sam is joined by Gwenaelle Avice-Huet – who at the time of recording was chief strategy and sustainability officer at multinational company Schneider Electric – to discuss what her employer is doing to turbocharge the green transition. From labour market changes to energy-saving digitalisation, this week’s episode takes a peak at what kind of policies private companies are deploying. Since Gwenaelle sat down with Sam for the chat, she has been promoted to CEO of Schneider’s Europe operations.

Congratulations to her, enjoy the show!

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