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For us, FORESIGHT Climate & Energy 

is an essential source of deep-dive coverage

that helps shape our understanding of the

global energy transition.

Tore Harrishøj, CEO, E.ON A/S


Supporting the vision of a world of well-informed leaders providing clean, safe and affordable energy for all

Most energy experts, corporates, investors and policy makers agree the transition to a clean energy economy is good for the planet, people and profitability. How to get there, though, is not so simple, especially in an era of information overload. This is where FORESIGHT Climate & Energy comes in.

All articles published by FORESIGHT Climate & Energy will


Be relevant to speeding up the energy transformation, making it affordable, or to mitigating and adapting to the effects of climate change


Respond with a solution or partial answer to a challenge or a barrier slowing the energy transition


Set the agenda for the next steps to be taken in the energy transformation by decision makers 


Be fair, accurate and clarify complex issues

But we cannot fulfil this mission alone.

To ensure we can continue to produce quality, independent journalism, we annually invite a limited number of companies and organisations that are leading the energy transition to support our work. 


Supporting the mission and journalistic principles behind FORESIGHT Climate & Energy 

Codan, a Scandinavian insurer, has been focusing on renewable energy for over 30 years.  FORESIGHT Climate and Energy takes a unique approach with its insight, focus, readership and lack of compromise on independent journalism.

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E.ON works towards a fossil free future. During the past decade, we have invested more than €12 billion in renewables. For us, FORESIGHT Climate & Energy is an essential source of deep-dive coverage that helps shape our understanding of the global energy transition.

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Schneider Electric strives to provide energy for everyone, everywhere and at all times. This means optimising people’s energy usage. Knowledge sharing is key to doing this successfully. Informed journalism is vital to move forward the energy transition and FORESIGHT leads the field

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Supporting specific sections of FORESIGHT Climate & Energy.


Supporting the focus on how business is evolving and adapting for sustainability in a new energy economy

Our mission is to reduce our clients’ risks, improve their performance and help them innovate to meet the challenges of quality, health and safety, environmental protection and social responsibilitySince our founding in 1828, our name has been synonymous with integrity. Today, we continue to place a premium on creating strong confidence between companies, consumers and public authorities.  

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In July 2018, LM Wind Power became a carbon neutral business. This, like the energy transition as a whole, came with complex challenges. We are proud to partner with FORESIGHT Climate and Energy, which is joining the dots and putting together the pieces of the puzzle to show what is really at stake and what can be done.  

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Our readers trust FORESIGHT Climate & Energy  to be accurate and independent.

Our editors hold 100% editorial control. Partners have no influence on our content.  


Supporting the ethical standards and journalistic aim of FORESIGHT Climate & Energy


Supporting the dissemination of FORESIGHT Climate & Energy articles


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