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Our top five podcasts from 2022

Entering the audio sphere in 2022, FORESIGHT Climate & Energy's podcasts have given our listeners a chance to hear directly from key personalities in the energy sector and discuss how to achieve a decarbonised economy in the most expedient way. Take a listen to our top episodes from 2022

Discussions with key market influencers can help to shape the energy transition

Podcasts are a new offering from FORESIGHT Climate & Energy in 2022. Speaking to fascinating members of the energy community and challenging them on their views is a great way of advancing the conversation around decarbonisation.

Here is a selection of our top podcasts from the past 12 months with some of our favourite guests. Keep an eye out for new episodes in 2023 as well as entirely new podcasts.

Top five podcasts from 2022


A new utility

The changing role of consumers, the rise of distributed energy and the advent of digital technology are forcing utilities to change how they operate. In this episode of Watt Matters, we speak to Greg Jackson, founder and CEO of Octopus Energy. Listen here


Eastern Europe and the energy transition

On Watt Matters this week, Monica Morawiecka from the Regulatory Assistance Project and Julian Popov, a fellow of the European Climate Foundation, discuss what is required to make eastern Europe’s energy transition a reality. Listen here


Decarbonising our buildings

In this first episode of Policy Dispatch, we take a deep dive into buildings and the need to accelerate their decarbonisation, with Member of the European Parliament Ciarán Cuffe. Listen here


From range anxiety to charging confidence

The sales of electric vehicles continue to rise globally, but much more needs to be done to deploy charging infrastructure. Listen here


Behind the hydrogen hype

In this week’s episode, the team is joined by Gniewomir Flis from Energy Revolution Ventures. We examine the hype that surrounds green hydrogen and what role, if any, it can have in the energy transition. Listen here


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