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Our top five opinions from 2022

Take a read of our most popular opinions from 2022 and hear from some of the brightest thought leaders on the energy transition

Generating debate from thought leaders helps to advance the energy transition

The range of topics from our thought leaders this year shows there is still so much that needs to be solved in order to achieve the decarbonisation of the economy. From carbon markets to digitalisation and energy efficiency, these experts show there are still many tools to be used in the fight against catastrophic climate change.

These pieces, our top opinions from 2022, are written by high-level actors from across the energy spectrum and we would like to invite anyone that has an interesting view on the energy transition to pen such a piece. These articles are not promotional but are a chance to demonstrate thought leadership on the barriers to a decarbonised economy and to create a discussion over potential solutions.

If you have an opinion regarding an aspect of the global energy transition you would like to share with other FORESIGHT readers send a short pitch of 200 words explaining why you are the right person to deliver this opinion to


Top five opinions from 2022


What voluntary carbon markets need to do next

A large, mature voluntary carbon market is urgently needed. To get there, it has some growing up to do, says Charlie Langdale, from international insurance broker Howden.  Read here


Decarbonisation through digitalisation: The key role of smart city districts in boosting energy efficiency

Smart buildings are energy-saving, sustainable buildings. Clustered into smart city districts, they play a crucial role in climate protection. The adaptive, open-source technology to make this possible is already available, says Matthias Rebellius of Siemens Smart Infrastructure.  Read here


Cybersecurity resilience is critical to reaching net-zero

Digital transformation in renewables is accelerating the green energy transition, exponentially expanding both the energy sources that can connect to the grid and the avenues for cyberattacks, says Clinton Firth from EY.  Read here


From laggard to leader: How Poland became Europe’s fastest-growing heat pump market

Poland has recorded the strongest growth in heat pump sales in Europe in 2021. This is the result of market certainty and customer incentives and shows the way for other states looking to heat pumps in decarbonisation efforts, says Monika Morawiecka and Jan Rosenow from the Regulatory Assistance Project.  Read here


Today’s approach to energy is unsustainable

Urbanisation, rising global living standards and geopolitical tensions are placing enormous pressure on the global energy supply. Energy security and sustainability are critical—but scaling up today’s approach will not be enough. We must invest in industrial energy efficiency on a global scale, says Tarak Mehta from ABB Motion.  Read here

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