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Our top five articles from 2022

A tumultuous past 12 months has seen energy security placed firmly at the centre of many discussions around the world. Improving security takes many forms from low-carbon generation to greater energy efficiency in a bid to lower demand. These topics feature in FORESIGHT's top articles of 2022

Ensuring the lights stay on while dealing with the geopolitical crisis and maintaining momentum behind the energy transition has been a balancing act for lawmakers, operators, generators and consumers alike

Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine dominated discourse, but energy prices were already on the up before the conflict and have remained high because of other supply-side issues.

The energy transition still needs to find a course between short-term solutions that bring prices down for consumers while securing supply and reducing the dependency on Russian gas imports with long-term climate goals.

In our most-read articles of 2022, we examine how nuclear could play its part in a future energy mix and how energy efficiency is no longer the forgotten fuel. Increasing energy security by building a more domestic value chain means a greater number of workers will be required, however a growing skills gap is putting this aim in jeopardy.

Finally, we examine how grid stability can be provided when the inertia provided by fossil fuel generators are no longer on the grid.

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Most read articles of 2022


Pretty in pink: Low-carbon hydrogen from nuclear power

The nuclear sector wants to cash in on the emerging demand for low-carbon energy by powering hydrogen electrolysis, but not everyone is convinced the industry’s arguments stack up. Read here


A matter of principle: the EU’s forgotten mantra

The European Union’s “Energy Efficiency First Principle” was designed to maximise the potential of energy sources and increase investor appetite but it has struggled to jump from principle to practice. But new rules and a shift in geopolitics look set to propel the efficiency maxim to top billing.  Read here


Energy transition faces a shortage of key workers

The lack of skilled workers in renewable energy jobs is one of the most underestimated barriers to the global energy transition. The industry is struggling to find talent, while educational institutions are failing to keep up with such a fast-evolving environment.  Read here


Inertia’s new frontier

As the amount of traditional inertia on our grid systems decreases with the shift to inverter-based resources like wind and solar photovoltaics (PV), system operators are increasingly seeking carbon-free alternatives for stabilising frequency. Read here


The strange case of small modular reactors

SMR technology remains unproven and susceptible to the same cost and delays issues facing traditional nuclear generation, which is clinging on to its market share. Read here

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