Katie Kouchakji Policy - 02/September/2020

Missing details from South Korea green deal raises doubts over government intentions

A decade of rapid growth has positioned South Korea to take full advantage of the clean transition under President Moon Jae-in’s Green New Deal. But a hangover from previous administrations and an elusive emissions reduction target put its efficacy in doubt

South Korea has joined Europe and the US in presenting a clean energy plan, but its lack of a detailed emissions reduction target leave critics questioning the government’s real intentions

POLITICAL APPETITE South Korea’s rapid turnaround since the 2008 financial crisis has had elements of green growth but it has not been to the detriment of conventional generation

PUBLIC DOUBT Support in South Korea for the shift to a low-carbon economy is likely to hinge on the government’s ability to push the pace of change in a country used to high-speed economic growth

KEY QUOTE The government knows how much each policy will deliver in terms of emissions reductions and how much they will cost, but they have not released those details ...


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