Sam Morgan Technology - 31/May/2023

Markets brace for a storage storm

Decoupling the cost of clean energy from expensive gas prices is a difficult but achievable task, if there are enough green electrons in the right place. Storage has a substantial role to play in order for that to happen

More renewable energy in the mix means, on the whole, a greater need for power storage capacity. Currently, all of the green electrons cannot always be absorbed by grids or used by consumers as they are produced

CLEAR SIGNALS Most markets are not incentivised to send signals for storage to consider multi-hour, multi-day or seasonal

FAR HORIZONS The European Union's ongoing review of market rules could unleash grid storage by allowing the sector to more easily access long-term contracts

KEY QUOTE Policies, legal systems and lawmakers are lagging behind the technology at the moment. This is one obstacle that is slowing down everything ...


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