Technology - 07/July/2017

In brief

Two-thirds of the business potential in energy efficiency remains untapped; sales figures for plug-in electric cars; cheaper by half to cut emissions with energy saving than green electricity; renewables push coal off the UK grid for a day; BP data reveals green energy trends; wind power supply not that susceptible to still winter weather; fuelish energy subsidies persist

To keep global temperatures below 2°C, energy intensity (energy units per unit of GDP) needs to fall by 3.7% a year up to 2030 in countries outside the OECD, and by 2.2% in OECD countries, says the International Energy Agency. Two-thirds of the economic potential for using energy more efficiently remains untapped globally, with 70% of world energy use not subject to efficiency performance demands. The energy efficiency business continues to grow, however, with an estimated $221 billion invested globally in 2015, 41% of it in China. ...

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