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Yearly growth in district heating globally since 2010


Annual increase in sales of heat pumps and renewable heating equipment since 2010


Of global heating sales are still represented by fossil-fuel equipment

Heating and Cooling special issue by FORESIGHT

In May 2019 FORESIGHT Climate & Energy will publish a special issue on heating and cooling. 

The heating sector globally is not on track to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to comply with the Paris climate agreement. Renewable energy heating needs to pick up its pace of growth. No longer can fossil fuels be allowed to dominate heating supply. Demand for cooling, too, is rising in a warming world and has to be met sustainably.

In its Heating and Cooling special issue, FORESIGHT Climate & Energy will identify the right solutions, look at ways to remove barriers to change and showcase projects where change is already taking place.

Get a sneak peek of the special edition below.



A decarbonised heating and cooling system is vital for the energy transition, but fossil fuels remain the sector’s dominant energy source globally. The technologies exist to switch heating and cooling to clean sources of energy and it is now up to policy makers to step up to the plate and make this change happen.

FORESIGHT looks at the technologies and energy sources — district heating, heat pumps, wind, solar PV and geothermal — that will replace fossil fuels in heating and cooling systems.

We speak to wide range of industry, policy and business experts, from people at the heart of policymaking in Brussels, to energy transition leaders such as Siemens and Danfoss, and academics in the US and Denmark.

The gas phase out in the Netherlands and research showing how Denmark’s district heating can make much more of the country’s wind resources to help it become emissions-free receive particular attention.

We also examine whether waste heat from data centres is really a goer and the problems associated with bringing heat from out-of-town centres to urban areas.

Demand for cooling will increase as the world gets hotter and the middle class expands in developing countries. We show how technology and tradition, with a firm emphasis on insulation and deep renovation, should go hand in hand for best results for people and planet.

Solutions to the energy transition are our bread and butter. We don’t just discuss theory, but look at concrete solutions being implanted around the world to decarbonise heating and cooling.


Enjoy the read!



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In the weeks leading up to the magazine launch, indepth articles and opinions from heating and cooling experts will be published on


  • USA 14% 14%
  • Belgium 12% 12%
  • Denmark 12% 12%
  • United Kingdom 11% 11%
  • Germany 7% 7%
  • Rest of EU 26% 26%
  • Rest of World 18% 18%


  • Energy experts in business and finance 29% 29%
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FORESIGHT Climate & Energy is the essential read from Denmark on the global transition to a decarbonised energy economy — objective reporting on what really matters by expert journalists and writers from around the world.

We are a digital media focusing on business, markets, technology, cities and policy, and publish a high quality print edition twice a year.

Our readers are policy makers, energy experts in business and finance, city leaders, academics and leading non-governmental organisations, who need to understand how the energy transition can be achieved in a fast and affordable way.

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We invite a limited number of companies and organisations that are leading the energy transition to become part of this special edition. Here is what we can offer:

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