Markets - 07/January/2022

Green hydrogen hurdles complicate Southeast Asia’s net-zero goals

With the hydrogen economy gaining momentum in Europe, the industry is also stimulating interest in other regions of the world where power systems are more reliant on fossil fuels. However, green hydrogen in Southeast Asia has different questions that need answering

The energy price crisis in the second half of 2021 could provide green hydrogen with an opportunity to showcase its decarbonisation potential at a lower cost to users

SIMPLE SOLUTION Southeast Asia’s reliance on gas makes the transition to renewables more expensive. Converting to green hydrogen might offer an alternative

PRICE POINT Green hydrogen could reach price parity with other forms of hydrogen in the coming decade but will still be more expensive than LNG over a longer time frame

KEY QUOTE The recent natural gas and LNG price hikes in both Europe and Asia could help close the LNG-green hydrogen cost parity time frame ...


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