Has an article caught your attention? 

If an article really peaked your interest, got you thinking or could be relevant to your network we’d love to see you increase the awareness of our journalism by reposting it on social media. Letting you maintain a thought-provoking and professional social media presence whilst spreading the word about FORESIGHT – a win-win. 

How to share

 FORESIGHT articles can be shared on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ using the social media plug-in that follows our articles. Simply select the logo that represents your preferred social media channel, construct your post and share away. 

A best practice sharing guide 

  • Introducing the topic independently without reference to the linked article keeps your own commentary as the focus of the post 
  • Explain why you’ve chosen to share the article: what within it could be interesting to your network?
  • Including a particularly interesting argument, quote or piece of data from the article can add weight to your post
  • Finally, include a link to the article as a reference indicating where people can read more on the topic

Addressing all four points in around 100 words (or 280 characters in the case of Twitter) is a great way to share interesting content and your take on it. Whilst keeping things concise can also increase the likelihood of your network taking note of your post.

Speaking of social media…

With the aim of connecting our Ambassador network and recognizing your contribution to the magazine, FORESIGHT invites our Ambassadors to use the programme’s LinkedIn page to add the experience to their profile.