How to comment

The aim of the Ambassador Programme is to showcase the knowledge of the academics and professionals engaged. Your posts are your contribution to the discussion and can be used to analyse and discuss the article you’ve just read. We want to provide you with a platform to post informative, well-referenced content that kick starts in-depth conversation, be it in our comments section or wherever you to choose to share the content.

What to post

We value comments that:  

  • use a FORESIGHT article as a source or point of departure
  • add further understanding and knowledge to a topic
  • delve deeper into a particular articles’ focus
  • express an evidence-based opinion
  • share information from a related area or topic
  • introduce a related area for discussion
  • are questions regarding the information within the piece to the wider online community
  • are well referenced

What not to post

Avoid posting comments that:  

  • fail to add new information or insight to the discussion
  • use the platform as a marketing opportunity
  • contain slander

Respecting your time

We ask for a single comment per month as we know you’re busy, but be sure to make it a good one! We’re not looking for page-long discussion pieces, and adding a comment to a FORESIGHT article will not demand hours of research effort. Ambassadors are selected on merit and we’re interested in your current knowledge and ability to add to our content.