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Finance special edition

Paying the way to net zero emissions

Governments around the world have pledged to produce no more carbon emissions than they can reabsorb by 2050, or earlier. To have any chance of meeting the net zero emission challenge in the timescales required to avoid runaway climate change, a massive redirection of global investment away from fossil fuels and into renewable energy and greater efficiency is needed. FORESIGHT Climate & Energy examines how best to mastermind the rechannelling of financial flows and the roles of different bodies and tools in speeding up this transformation.

Stories will include a look at

 Why investment in renewables is consistently lagging behind what is needed
Development banks and the Paris Agreement
Stopping funding for fossil fuels 
The idea of carbon border taxes
The energy transition, job creation and company growth
Central banks and climate action
Transition bonds

Publishing dates

Global release of the Finance special edition magazine: Mid May 2020
Special focus on finance on May until summer 2020

Additional dissemination in connection with event partnerships, e.g.:

The Climate Bonds Conference & Awards 2020, London
Euroheat & Power Conference 2020Brussels

Green Bond Principles and Social Bond Principles, New York
On to Zero Eurelectric Power Summit, Dublin

Responsible Business Summit Europe, London
ESG Investment Summit, London
EU Sustainable Energy Week 2020,

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Paul Voss

Managing Director, Euroheat & Power


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Below: latest issue, the Cities special edition.

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Addressing climate challenges in a sustainable and affordable way requires industry and governments to collaborate and accelerate action significantly over the next decade. EY’s association with FORESIGHT Climate & Energy supports the formation of an independent forum where perspectives, ideas and innovation collide to inspire, enable actions and fast-track the decarbonisation of society.”

Serge Colle,
EY Global Energy Advisory Leader 

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