International Tidal Energy Summit

It is time to take stand. Will you drive the Tidal Energy industry forwards?

We know that Tidal Energy is a viable alternative to fossil fuels but deploying the technology commercially has proven difficult to date. As an industry, we need to deliver on these projects, work together to find practical solutions, and put the industry on the front foot again.

But, this is not easy. Proving technology to secure finance, create bankable projects and ultimately lower LCOE are major challenges, challenges we must overcome.

The International Tidal Energy Summit is our opportunity to make this step change. To bring together the stakeholders who can truly influence the future of the Tidal Energy industry.

This isn’t going to be achieved by two days of talking heads. What is required is collaboration. Working groups with practical action points. Debates with purpose. Networking that matters.


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Event information

Facility location: London, United Kingdom

Date: 27/11/2018