ESG in Emerging Markets: How will Emerging Markets Countries and Companies Fight Coronavirus and Climate Change?

Webinar: Tuesday, April 28th (9:30 EDT/14:30 BST)


Do Emerging Markets have the fiscal space to combat both a recession, Covid-19 and Climate Change?

  • The environmental and social best practices companies and investors should use to address environmental challenges
  • What is the role of the investment community to guide, and benefit from, post Covid-19 fiscal stimulus packages?
  • Discuss how a green infrastructure spending boom can revive growth and deliver financial returns in the wake of Covid-19


  • Claire Meier Underhill, Director, UK Operations, Emerging Markets Investors Alliance
  • Fergus McCormick, Director & Head of Research, Emerging Markets Investors Alliance
  • Jahan Chowdhury, Country Engagement Director, NDC Partnership
  • Gianleo Frisari, Climate Change Economist, Inter-American Development Bank (IADB)


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Date: 28/04/2020