Electric City 2021

Europe’s largest on- and offshore wind energy event

Electric City is a unique event that brings the entire wind industry together with players from beyond wind. We’re inviting players from storage, hybrids, shipping, mobility, the automotive sector, and many other industries eager to green their power mix.

A climate-neutral European economy requires huge volumes of wind energy in the power mix – up to five times what we have today. Major industries like chemicals, steel and others are actively looking to decarbonise by replacing the fossil fuel energy they use with clean electricity. The heating and transport sectors are going more electric too.

All this creates immense opportunities for onshore and offshore wind.

The EU sees wind being half of Europe’s electricity by 2050. So wind will be the backbone of the new decarbonised energy system. This’ll bring us new customers. We’ll need to diversify our partnerships, engage different industries and develop new business models. We’ll have to think supply and demand.

Electric City 2021 is the leading-edge, international conference for the offshore wind industry. Get advanced learning, hear about important industry trends and network with your peers, potential clients and collaborators.

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Event information

Facility location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Date: 23/11/2021