Energy Enablers

A podcast about the people in the energy transition.

The energy transition will only succeed with the people who make it a reality: the consumers, the lawmakers, the engineers, the technicians, the decision-makers and the innovators. We call them The Enablers.

In the Energy Enablers podcast, a regular series from FORESIGHT Climate & Energy, we will speak to those who are making a difference in the race to a decarbonised economy.

Join FORESIGHT’s Editor-in-Chief, David Weston, to hear from Enablers that are working in the energy sector, discussing what motivates them, their journey to where they are today, and how they think the energy transition is going.

We want to build a community of listeners that are just like us: passionate about moving the global energy transition forward, so please don’t hesitate to engage with us, give us feedback and share your recommendations for future topics and guests.
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FORESIGHT’s Editor-in-Chief David Weston is an experienced energy journalist, podcaster and editor. David co-hosts FORESIGHT’s flagship podcast Watt Matters and hosts Energy Enablers while overseeing FORESIGHT’s long-form independent journalism on the website and twice-yearly magazine.

Latest episode

21 September 2023

Understanding digital infrastructure

Sabine Erlinghagen is CEO of the grid software division at Siemens. In this week’s episode, David and Sabine examine how grids operators are adapting to the new data-driven world and what is means for the energy transition.

Previous episodes

15 September 2023

Understanding efficient data centres

In this episode of Energy Enablers, Hans Godden from Novenco Building and Industry examines the efficient use of energy within data centres.

1 September 2023

Understanding security of supply

In this episode of Energy Enablers, Leonhard Birnbaum, president of the trade association Eurelectric, explains how the energy market is evolving in the shadow of a trio of crises.

24 August 2023

Understanding start-ups

In the latest episode of Energy Enablers, Tore Harritshøj from platform provider Spirii talks about how start-ups can navigate the expensive world of the energy transition.

4 August 2023

Understanding carbon offsets

In this latest episode of Energy Enablers, Artem Abramov from research firm Rystad Energy discusses the carbon offset market and its role in the energy transition.

30 June 2023

Understanding eMobility

In this episode of Energy Enablers, Serge Colle from professional services firm EY discusses how the electric vehicle market is developing and what barriers remain.

15 June 2023

Understanding CCUS

For episode five of Energy Enablers, Jenny Seagraves from Linde discusses the role carbon capture, utilisation, and storage technologies will play in the energy transition.

16 March 2023

Understanding clean aviation fuels

For episode four, Sylvain Verdier from Topsoe discusses what Sustainable Aviation Fuels are and how the aviation sector is facing up to the challenge of growing the level of feedstocks required.

2 March 2023

Understanding the energy crisis

In episode three of Energy Enablers, Derk Swider from E.ON examines the cause of the high energy prices seen over the past two years and whether there is the need for a market redesign.

16 February 2023

Understanding storage

Episode two of Energy Enablers with Johan Söderbom of EIT InnoEnergy discusses the options for long-term storage being developed and why battery recycling is on the rise.

27 January 2023

Understanding digitalisation

In episode one of Energy Enablers, Siemens Smart Infrastructure’s Matthias Rebellius discusses the role digital products can play in advancing the energy transition.

23 January 2023

Introducing: Energy Enablers

Introducing the Energy Enablers podcast, a new series from FORESIGHT Climate & Energy, which will speak to experts who are making a difference in the race to a decarbonised economy.