Special issue: Efficiency of energy
Published June 2022 – 68 pages of expert articles 

David Weston, Editor, FORESIGHT Climate & Energy

Efficiency of energy

The Covid-19 affected year of 2020 was one of the worst ever for efficiency improvement. As energy demand and prices fell, technical efficiency enhancements slowed, and the balance of economic activity, understandably, shifted away from less energy-intensive services. Then 2021 saw global energy demand return to pre-pandemic levels as economic activity recovered. Energy prices have rocketed, and geopolitical tensions have brought energy security into sharp focus. Everyone needs to manage their energy usage more carefully and in ever-greener ways to reach the targets set to avoid catastrophic climate change.

With disruptions caused by Covid-19 shaping global energy and economic trends over the past two years, 2022 is 

seeing some momentum shift towards a greater focus on efficiency: increased investment trends, rising government spending, higher climate ambition and other policy measures.

Energy efficiency measures have become a forgotten element of the energy transition. Cutting the amount of energy used in the first place, we immediately reduce the dependency on carbon-emitting forms of generation. The way we use energy can be optimised, resulting in less use of it.

Digital technologies can help improve how we use energy, new business models can maximise the use of clean energy technologies, while stronger regulation can help make homes and office buildings cleaner and more comfortable places to live and work. Simply maximising electrification can also reduce our power demand.

FORESIGHT Climate & Energy’s 14th special print issue will focus on energy efficiency. Ahead of the IEA’s Energy Efficiency Summit in June 2022, FORESIGHT will examine how using energy more efficiently can help accelerate the energy transition. By reducing demand, increasing electrification and improving the output of green generation, the journey to a decarbonised economy can be accelerated in a sustainable way.

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