Technology - 13/July/2020

Danish tradition of collaboration a strength in energy transition

The head of the new Energy Cluster Denmark body, Glenda Napier, discusses the next steps for the country’s energy transition and how innovation and collaboration will remain crucial to its success

At the start of July, three of Denmark’s innovation cluster organisations merged to form a single entity that covers the full energy spectrum. The newly formed Energy Cluster Denmark combines the Energy Innovation Cluster (EIC), Clean Energy and the House of Energy. It will be headed by the former EIC chief Glenda Napier.

Napier says the combination of the three bodies follows the natural evolution of the energy sector, where silos are breaking down as each part of the system becomes more aware of the other and they all work more closely together.

Speaking with FORESIGHT Climate & Energy on the eve of the new organisation’s official launch on July 1, Napier offered her insights into the energy transition in Denmark and why the country is so committed to reducing emissions. ...


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