Markets - 16/February/2023

Danish PtX dreams begin with offshore wind

By the end of this decade, Denmark aims to be a net exporter of green energy and fuels, helping Europe meet its net zero ambitions while curbing the reliance on energy imports. It rests on a massive expansion in both renewable energy generation and electrolysers as well as hydrogen infrastructure

Denmark’s Power-to-X industry is gaining momentum with numerous projects underway but regulatory advances elsewhere may mean this impetus is short-lived

FLEXIBLE TARIFFS Different ones can be established to support PtX plants that help balance the grid

PLAYING CATCH UP The United States’ recent legislation risks Europe’s first mover advantage

KEY QUOTE If Denmark is to realise building all of its planned offshore wind capacity then it will need PtX plants, since no offshore wind farm owner will want to rely 100% on merchant contracts. Signing PPAs with PtX plants will be a way to ensure a long-term demand for their electricity ...


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