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FORESIGHT Climate & Energy raises fundamental questions on the zero emissions transformation in a clear, compelling manner. At C40 Cities this allows us to continue asking the right questions and spot the opportunities on the horizon”

Luke Sherlock,
Programme Manager, Municipal Building Efficiency, C40 Cities


Of the worlds population lives in urban areas today


Are expected to live in urban areas by 2050

Readers of FORESIGHT's special edition on cities

FORESIGHT – special edition on cities

Today over 50% of the world’s population lives in urban areas, a figure expected to rise to nearly 70% by 2050. Cities are significant consumers of energy and big emitters of greenhouse gases, but through building renovation, improved infrastructure and planning, urban density makes it possible to turn these challenges into opportunities for change. City mayors are often able to take decisive local action with immediate and impactful results. Cities are showing leadership in facing up to the climate challenge from a sense of responsibility and also because most are already dealing with the effects of climate change and increased extreme weather events.

In September 2019, FORESIGHT Climate & Energy will publish a special issue on cities, identifying the right solutions, looking at ways to remove barriers to change and showcasing projects where change is already taking place. The special issue on cities will be published to coincide with key events and conferences around the world focusing on cities in autumn/winter 2019. These high-level events include the UN Climate Action Summit 2019, Climate Week NYC 2019 and the C40 World Mayors Summit in Copenhagen.

UN Climate Action Summit 2019

UN Secretary-General António Guterres is calling on all leaders to come to New York on 23 September with concrete, realistic plans to reduce emissions and to adapt to climate change in line with the commitments of the Paris Climate Agreement.

Climate Week NYC 2019

23-29 September, in coordination with the UN and the City of New York, Climate Week continues to grow as the time and place for the world to showcase climate action and host discussions with businesses, governments and civil society on accelerating change. 

C40 World Mayors Summit in Copenhagen

9-12 October, more than 1000 delegates from 94 cities around the world will gather in Copenhagen to discuss ways for cities to reach the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement and limit carbon dioxide emissions through green transition and climate adaptation.


Cities special edition content

FORESIGHT Autumn/Winter 2019 will examine the energy transition in cities from a 360-degree perspective. Here are some highlights:

  • How to finance change at a local level
  • How cities can ensure that everyone benefits from the energy transition, including those in poorer areas, rental accommodation and even slums
  • Many cities measure locally-produced emissions, but much of their carbon footprint is from the consumption of goods and services. How can they measure what’s consumed inside their boundaries and what impact does this have on businesses?
  • Cities around the world are declaring dates by which they will go carbon neutral. What does this mean in practice and how realistic are such goals?
  • We will showcase cities from around the world that are leading the change, the policies and technologies they are employing, and see how others can learn from their successes and their failures

Enjoy the read!


Readers by geography

  • US 14% 14%
  • Belgium 12% 12%
  • Denmark 12% 12%
  • United Kingdom 11% 11%
  • Germany 7% 7%
  • Rest of EU 26% 26%
  • Rest of World 18% 18%

Readers by occupation

  • Energy experts in business and finance 29% 29%
  • Policy makers 24% 24%
  • City leaders 14% 14%
  • NGOs and think tanks 14% 14%
  • Students 8% 8%
  • Private undisclosed 11% 11%

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“Informed journalism is vital to

move forward the energy transition.

FORESIGHT Climate & Energy

leads the field”

Helene Rasmussen Egebøl, CEO, Schneider Electric A/S

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FORESIGHT Climate & Energy is the essential read from Denmark on the global energy transition.

Led by our Editor in Chief in Brussels:

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We publish top quality in-depth articles and expert opinions on our website every week, and a high quality magazine twice a year focused on a specific theme.

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We invite companies and organisations that are leading the energy transition in cities around the world to become part of this special edition. 

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Part of the innovation challenge is to
provide visions of an alternative future –
powerful and engaging narratives evocative
and thought provoking enough to entice
readers into the work of co-designing global
transitions. With its independent journalism,
FORESIGHT is paving the way”

Kirsten Dunlop, CEO of EIT Climate-KIC

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