Cities - 07/July/2017

Circular funding of energy savings

The value of energy-saving improvements at a shopping mall is sufficient to pay back the loan from the contractor that carried out the work and financed it

SMART FINANCE The value of energy savings from building improvements undertaken by Siemens at a shopping mall in Copenhagen is sufficient to cover the loan the mall received from Siemens to pay for the work. Energy efficiency and efficient finance in one ... ... The cheapest energy is the energy never used. Preventing wasted energy by using it efficiently has been labelled the “fifth fuel” for driving down energy demand at least cost. The International Energy Agency (IEA) has named energy efficiency as the area with the single largest potential for affordably decarbonising energy use. To finance and get energy savings underway, Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) are widely promoted by the European Commission, the European Inves ...

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