Tore Harritshøj

4 min

Transforming heavy transport with smart solutions and new income sources

The electrification of trucks and buses is a global imperative, but it is a transition with challenging grid constraints and high investment needs. Spirii CEO Tore Harritshøj emphasises the importance of innovative, localised solutions to expedite the shift towards e-mobility
3 min

Private infrastructure owners can turn charge points into cash points

Organisations all over Europe are investing in charge point infrastructure for their electric vehicle fleets. This infrastructure could be a source of revenue and additional public charging capacity, says Tore Harritshøj of EV charging platform provider Spirii
4 mins

Grid operators should plug into the EV charger potential

Vehicle electrification is key to decarbonisation but represents a challenge for the grid. Utilities and electricity network operators should be talking to charge point operators to get ahead of the issues, says Tore Harritshøj of Spirii