Sara Verbruggen

13 min

District heating and Power-to-X make natural partners

With a little planning, placing hydrogen electrolysers close to district heating networks can prove to be mutually beneficial for the operators of both technologies, while also accelerating the energy transition
13 min

The arguments for district heating are stacking up

District heating and cooling networks are being increasingly considered as opportunities to decarbonise space heating and hot water supply in urban areas
12 min

Living on the edge

Seeking cheaper alternatives to expensive and time-consuming physical upgrades, grid operators are increasingly turning to digital solutions. While some projects are already underway, slow-changing regulatory frameworks mean the rollout is sluggish
10 min

Danish PtX dreams begin with offshore wind

By the end of this decade, Denmark aims to be a net exporter of green energy and fuels, helping Europe meet its net zero ambitions while curbing the reliance on energy imports. It rests on a massive expansion in both renewable energy generation and electrolysers as well as hydrogen infrastructure