Policy Dispatch Podcast


Methane in the membrane

Methane is a potent greenhouse gas but regulators have only really started to treat it seriously quite recently. Flavia Sollazzo joins Policy Dispatch to explain why this is a very good development
45 mins.

Moldova’s crisis-driven transition

Moldova’s energy policies and the politics that drive them have been completely upended by Russia’s invasion of neighbouring Ukraine. State-secretary Carolina Novac explains why Moldova has the potential to quickly go green.
37 mins.

Brazilian redemption

Brazil is one of the world’s largest countries and most prolific emitters of planet-warming gases. Does a new government mean that it is changing course and embracing a greener future? The situation is extremely complex.
37 mins.

How green is my valley?

Wales is a verdant land, ripe with culture, history and green energy potential. Climate minister Julie James joins the show to discuss what decarbonisation measures are already underway and why community energy projects are a massive part of the plan.
35 mins.

Green New Zealand

New Zealand Aotearoa might be on the opposite side of the world but has some familiar energy transition issues to deal with, while others are quite unique to the islands. Dr Christina Hood joins the show to give the Kiwi perspective
38 min.

The Balkan Express

Transport in the Balkans leaves a lot to be desired. Badly connected and lacking investment, the region sorely needs a mobility policy boost. This week, one of the top officials tasked with doing just that joins the show.
37 min.

Sparking the transition

The energy transition will only happen if industry is onboard. Despite what some naysayers claim, many companies have rolled their sleeves up already. This week, we hear from one of the sector’s leaders about their goals and objectives
43 min

Here comes the policy police

It has already thrown plenty of energy and climate policy curveballs at us, with many more to come by the end of the year. Kira Taylor joins Sam for this round-up of all the action we have seen so far
38 min

Charting a new energy course

A controversial international energy pact could soon be a thing of the past after the EU unveiled a plan to exit the agreement. Fabian Flues joins the show to explain what the Energy Charter Treaty is and why it is so divisive
49 min

Australia, the land of ‘however’

Australia is a fossil fuel superpower that exports its wares to the rest of the world. But it is also ripe with clean power potential that risks going to waste if the right decisions are not made soon. Ketan Joshi joins the show to explain what Australia is doing well in the energy transition and, more importantly, where it is way off track
43 min

Net-zero industry’s unseen side

Boosting clean tech is an essential part of the energy transition. But there are more issues at stake in decarbonisation than just making industry happy. Camille Maury joins the show to explain what they are
38 min

Rebuilding the ‘infrastructure of our lives’

Europe has a leaky buildings problem. Work is underway to update the rules that govern efficiency standards but politicisation and misinformation risk undermining their foundations. Adrian Joyce of the Renovate Europe campaign shares his concerns and also his hopes for the sector
43 min

Gases from the greenhouse

Agriculture is arguably the most complex part of the energy transition and is faced with unique challenges that extend beyond just decarbonisation. Expert journalist Gerardo Fortuna joins the show to talk manure management, pesticide problems, cow burps and much more
31 min

Zero-emission cars and stripes

The United States aims to clean up its car fleet with strict standards, and although this new mobility plan has quietly passed under the radar, it can potentially cause a huge green shift in the transport sector. Stephanie Searle joins the show to explain why
38 min

China’s carbon trading tribute act

Emissions trading can help the industry go green by putting a price on carbon, a policy that is paying off in Europe in a big way. China is looking to emulate that success in its market. Refinitiv’s Yan Qin explains what the future might hold for it
35 min

What’s in store

Clean power is great, but green electrons cannot always be used immediately after they are generated. That is where storage comes into the mix. Thomas Lewis joins the Dispatch this week to explain what the sector needs to take the next big leap
39 min

India’s pollution progress

Air quality and the energy transition are closely linked: tackling one issue normally means making a dent in the other. India is a great example of that paradigm in action, but more still needs to be done, according to health expert Pallavi Pant
35 min

Beyond the tipping point

Clean energy continues to shatter predictions as the green transition gathers pace. Jarand Rystad, one of the sector’s top analysts, reveals why plus what the future might hold for the various technologies fighting for a piece of the energy market
37 min

The Green Shipping News

Shipping is a crucial cog in the global economy, but it is also a big polluter. This week we find out how one of the biggest names in the business, Maersk, is charting a course towards a cleaner, greener way of transporting cargo
40 min

How to update a carbon market

The EU's emissions trading system is the world's largest carbon market and will soon get even bigger when reformed rules come into play. This week we get an insider take on the updated ETS from one of the negotiators that helped write the new rules
3 min

Our top five podcasts from 2022

Entering the audio sphere in 2022, FORESIGHT Climate & Energy's podcasts have given our listeners a chance to hear directly from key personalities in the energy sector and discuss how to achieve a decarbonised economy in the most expedient way. Take a listen to our top episodes from 2022
36 min

Heat pumps are hot (and cool)

The energy crisis has prompted a major surge in demand for heat pumps and the technology is widely recognised as a no-regret option to decarbonise heating and cooling, but many are still to be convinced
29 min

Affordable energy for all

In this episode, we discuss with Next Energy Consumer CEO Marine Cornelis how to put citizens and our most vulnerable consumers at the heart of the energy transition
42 min

‘Fit for 57’?

The EU says it is upgrading its emissions reduction by 2030 to 57%, instead of the 55% that underpins its 'Fit for 55' policy package. This will require additional work and a greater understanding of the regulations
38 min

Carbon dioxide removals

In this episode, we dispel the myths around carbon dioxide removals, an often-misunderstood piece of the climate policy jigsaw
39 min

Cleaning up aviation

Aviation has connected people and cities from around the Earth, but it has also made our planet warmer. In this episode, we will find out which carrots and sticks are needed to decarbonise air transport
28 min

Europe’s crisis policy outlook

This week, Policy Dispatch chats with Agora Energiewende expert and FORESIGHT's own Michaela Holl about the EU's response to the ongoing energy crisis
31 min

Africa’s climate transition

This week, Policy Dispatch takes a look into Africa’s energy transition, the main hurdles that the continent’s 54 nations are facing, and its untapped renewable potential with Saliem Fakir, Executive Director at the African Climate Foundation
28 min

Decarbonising our buildings

In this first episode of Policy Dispatch, we take a deep dive into buildings and the need to accelerate their decarbonisation, with Member of the European Parliament Ciarán Cuffe
1 min

Introducing: Policy Dispatch

Listen to the trailer for the new podcast Policy Dispatch from FORESIGHT Climate & Energy, delving into the key policy and regulation that underpins the global energy transition