Philippa Nuttall

19 min

Any way the wind blows

The shipping sector is drifting towards decarbonisation as it tries to determine which combination of alternative fuels is best
15 mins

Pink hydrogen fails to nuke ongoing concerns

President Emmanuel Macron’s recent campaign to find support for pink hydrogen production in Europe remains at odds with the growing consensus of the technology’s economic feasibility
14 min

AI can be used as a tool for good

Building controls are a prime example of where artificial intelligence (AI) can support and accelerate the energy transition. With emissions from building use continuing to grow, effective efficiency tools are becoming more important
10 min

Clean heat standards can help decarbonise heating faster and more fairly

The European Commission should include clean heat standards in its forthcoming Net Zero Industry Act to force industry and enable consumers to switch from fossil fuel boilers to lower-emitting heat pumps, concludes a new report from the Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP)