David Weston

44 mins.

Handshakes and handbrakes in the energy transition

Episode five of Talking Transitions examines how the energy and resources sector can collaborate to leverage new technologies in order to reach the scale of change required for a successful transition
44 mins

Rewiring US Customer Relationships

The US’ electricity market is complex but has a huge opportunity to include households in decarbonisation efforts. The Watt Matters team catch up with energy company Octopus Energy US to hear how it is seizing that opportunity.
44 mins.

Defining transition finance

Episode four of Talking Transitions, recorded in Dubai, delves into the problems and challenges facing transition finance as a tool to accelerate the transition to a sustainable economy, but also provides some real-world examples of some recent success stories
44 mins

Putting the “net” in net zero emissions

Removing carbon from the atmosphere, alongside reducing emissions, is key to reaching ‘net’ zero emissions and preventing drastic global warming. Carbon removal policy expert Eve Tamme joins the Watt Matters team to discuss how it works.
44 mins.

The private sector’s key role

Episode three of Talking Transitions examines the role of the private sector in embedding decarbonisation into investment decisions in order to accelerate the shift to net zero
68 mins.

How cities navigate the green transition

Episode two of Talking Transitions delves into the transitions our cities and urban areas are facing and their role in shifting to a sustainable economy
51 mins.

Critical momentum

The first episode of a new series from FORESIGHT Climate & Energy and EY looks at the key levers of the energy transition and the potential handbrakes that remain
2 mins.

Introducing: Talking Transitions

Talking Transitions, a new special podcast series brought to you by FORESIGHT Climate & Energy and EY
59 mins

In the public eye

Public transport operators are highly visible to the wider public. Increasingly their services are being electrified or run on clean energy. In this special live episode, Watt Matters delves into the procurement issues these operators are facing when it comes to low-carbon solutions
110 mins

Poland’s new green dawn?

A big power shift is expected in Poland, and not just in the Sejm. Following an election which saw opposition parties win more support than the conservative incumbents. Dr Joanna Maćkowiak-Pandera, founder of Forum Energii, joins Watt Matters to discuss what this could mean for climate and energy policy.
110 mins

Getting your money’s worth: the cost of renewables

The world is looking at a massive growth in renewable power production, but what is the actual cost? Michael Taylor from the International Renewable Energy Agency joins the Watt Matters team to discuss
13 min

A new world order

As the energy landscape changes, so too could the geopolitical spectrum. Nations that have derived power and wealth from coal, oil and gas face an adapt-or-die moment while countries with the natural resources central to decarbonisation could find themselves holding more cards
10 min

Energy efficiency is here to stay

This decade is the most important one for energy efficiency in the energy transition. FORESIGHT spoke to Brian Motherway, head of energy efficiency at the International Energy Agency (IEA), to discuss why this is and how it can be better implemented