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12 min

Biodiversity measures to fast-track renewables deployment

Protecting the natural environment is central to combating catastrophic climate change. But the scale of growth in renewables capacity puts biodiversity at risk. Developers and investors alike are now placing great emphasis on the environmental footprint of their assets
12 min

Chemicals’ complex route to green

Electrification of the energy-intensive chemicals sector is not always possible so finding alternative low-carbon processes is climbing the industry's agenda
10 min

Denmark sets plans to make businesses pay for their carbon emissions

A uniform carbon tax across most of Denmark’s economy has broad political support, but clarifying the finer points of the package will decide whether it is accepted by the wider business community
8 min

Companies face growing employee climate activism

The climate catastrophe is provoking action in the boardroom as pressure mounts among the workforce. Management teams are changing business plans to be more climate-friendly or risk losing talent
10 min

Denmark rolls the dice on CCS

For heavy emitters of carbon, capturing the particle before it hits the atmosphere offers a route to meeting climate change targets. The Danish government is hoping significant investment in the questionable technology will help its hard-to-abate sectors to fulfil ambitions
12 min

A different X factor

Using the electricity from renewables and converting it to another energy carrier is nothing new. While many in the energy industry focus on green hydrogen, other researchers are examining the possibility of storing that power as molten salt to help high-temperature processes to decarbonise
12 min

Market collaborates to accelerate electric truck rollout

Advancements in technology and increased, though uneven, political support have set the market for electric heavy-duty vehicles in motion. Prices are falling and battery performance is improving but infrastructure remains a barrier
9 min.

On the hunt for low-carbon aluminium

Recycling existing aluminium has significant carbon benefits compared to producing brand new material. However, the limited resources cannot keep up with the growing demand. The industry is looking to reduce carbon intensity while maintaining aluminium’s benefits
10 min.

Wind turbines in a race to become even cleaner

The growth of wind power capacity is accelerating globally, with 2020 a record year for new installations. But with the expansion comes a growing mass of production waste, emissions from manufacturing and transport, and discarded components from retired machines. The industry’s turbine makers are facing up to the problem but proposed solutions remain commercially immature
10 min

Investors muscle up and pile on green pressure

Companies involved in activities that carry high climate-related, financial and reputational risks can no longer be certain of securing funds. Investors today have a choice. Green energy has become a comparatively better bet, with a lower risk profile and demonstrably higher returns. Companies can either realign their business strategies or watch institutional investors walk away
9 min.

Denmark pays the price of poor decisions in public transport procurement

Transport is the only sector in Denmark that has seen emissions increase since 1990. New regulation for public procurement and investment in some larger cities has helped to electrify more buses, but electrification of Denmark’s railway network connecting those urban areas is lagging behind
10 min.

Green buildings are only as clean as the energy used in manufacturing their insulation material

The most sought after building insulation products will not necessarily be the cheapest and most effective, but those manufactured with the lightest carbon footprint
6 min.

The role of philanthropic foundations in advancing clean energy

A big part of speeding up the move away from fossil fuels is scaling up innovation and technology. With an appetite for riskier projects, philanthropic foundations could play an important role in raising some much needed cash
11 min.

Danish firms want regulatory rewards for climate action

Politically there is broad support in Denmark for financing the green transition through taxes and a carbon emissions tax proposal has been welcomed by parties across the political spectrum, but industry opposition could ultimately quash the idea
7 min.

Denmark gets visionary about offshore wind and hydrogen

The huge scale of offshore wind farms being built in northern Europe is bringing a new understanding of how much electricity can be gleaned from the wind on land and at sea
7 min.

Palsgaard: Supply chain emissions slow carbon neutral efforts

A broad range of efforts and investments in energy efficiency and clean energy has allowed Palsgaard to reduce emissions to zero in the majority of its factories
6 min.

Carlsberg aims to be greenest brewery in the world

Data is all important in the company’s energy transition
9 min.

Put consumption at heart of urban energy transition

Even if many cities are finding it a challenge to meet decarbonisation targets, they have made progress over the last decade and are becoming increasingly ambitious