New York Energy Week: Danish Cleantech Hub Teams up with the Danish Energy Agency

Offshore wind is a hot agenda in the state of New York. During the fifth annual New York Energy Week (June 19-23) Danish Cleantech Hub joins forces with the national Danish Energy Agency to exchange experiences and know-how with New York authorities.


Danish Cleantech Hub, a joint initiative by Confederation of Danish Industry and State of Green in New York, will in collaboration with the Danish Energy Agency host a series of meetings and discussions with public and private stakeholders involved in the development of offshore wind. All with the aim to further develop the Danish Energy Partnership Program that the Danish Energy Agency is spearheading in the U.S.


Back in January 2017, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo proposed an unprecedented commitment in this year’s State of the State; to supply half of all New York’s electricity from renewable sources by 2030. Pioneered by the approval in early 2017 of the nation’s largest offshore wind project in the waters off Eastern Long Island, New York is well on its way to house its first offshore wind farm.


While wind power initially struggled to take off in the United States, New York has clearly taken the lead when it comes to wind commitment. The goal is 2.4 gigawatts of offshore wind over the next 13 years, which in layman’s terms translate to the production of power to light 1.25 million New York homes.   


Denmark currently holds the world record in national electricity consumption generated by wind – a staggering 42% of the national consumption. Denmark is considered a frontrunner within the field of wind power and the Danish Energy Agency’s commitment to share best practices on offshore wind with the U.S. is emphasized by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) earlier this year.


Hosting the Danish Energy Agency here in New York during meetings with public and private stakeholders such as the NY Department of Public Service, NY Offshore Wind Alliance, DONG and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority illustrates the mission of Danish Cleantech Hub as a knowledge sharing platform connecting Denmark and New York,”
says Andreas Brunsgaard, US General Manager of the Confederation of Danish Industry.


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 TEXT: Klaus Lehn Christensen, Danish Cleantech Hub New York

Photo credit: Ursula Bach