Watt Matters Podcast - 16/September/2022

An attractive profession

Europe has set ambitious objectives in its energy transition, but the continent risks not having the workforce to make it happen


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The risk of a widening skills gap in the energy transition is one of the most underestimated challenges for the global energy transition. But as Europe moves to install more solar panels, heat pumps, and EV charging points, electrical contractors will be in increasing demand.

The lack of skilled workers and electrical installers is starting to be felt in Europe: in Germany, 60% of electrical contractors have vacancies. While in the UK, electrical contractors will need 15,000 new apprentices, in addition to regular market intake, to cover its needs over the next five years. There are several reasons why this is happening, from the perception that these are low-level positions to the lack of women in this sector.

In this episode, we speak with Julie Beaufils, Secretary General at the European Electrical Contractors’ Association EuropeOn, on why addressing this skills gap matters and how EU policies can bridge that. Julie is in charge of the Skills4Climate campaign, raising awareness of the shortages in skilled professionals, an issue that will considerably weigh on Europe’s ability to deliver the energy transition.

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Illustration: Masha Krasnova-Shabaeva. Art director: Trine Natskår.

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