Building a community

We believe in better knowledge for better decisions and that the sharing of information is central to solution discovery, policy-making and decision support.

A platform for collective knowledge

Well-informed stakeholders with valuable knowledge on the clean energy transition need a platform to exchange ideas and knowledge. Such a platform also has significant potential to educate and influence far beyond the boundaries of the immediate audience.

A fast-growing community of FORESIGHT Ambassadors contribute their insights to the debate.

Plug in

FORESIGHT Ambassadors form a focused group of interdisciplinary peers who add valuable perspectives to FORESIGHT journalism. Free digital magazine subscriptions offer our Ambassadors access to analytical reporting about the global transition to a decarbonised energy economy and a readership with an appetite for their input.

By providing monthly commentary on FORESIGHT articles, Ambassadors contribute to and discuss FORESIGHT journalism and connect with a growing community of invested individuals.

How it works

A simple process confronting complex issues:

  • Prospective Ambassadors are invited to sign up below to receive their free subscription to the online magazine.
  • Ambassadors agree to comment on an article each calendar month, adding their contribution in the comments module that follows FORESIGHT articles.
  • Comments refer directly to the article in question and contain additions of knowledge or opinion, ask questions to the wider online community or introduce related topics and information.

Through their engagement, our Ambassadors have access in-depth analysis of energy issues from a trusted information source and gain a stage from which to voice their insight and influence.


“FORESIGHT is a debate-leading magazine in the climate and energy space. I highly recommend FORESIGHT as an enlightened and informative read”

Rasmus Windfeld, Head of Press, Siemens

“The kind of in-depth journalism that FORESIGHT magazine provides is essential for an informed debate about the transition to a low-carbon economy.”

Kristian Ruby, Secretary General, EURELECTRIC

Facilitating a smart-network

Stemming from FORESIGHT’s Climate & Energy publication, the Global Transition Community is an online collective which connects the expertise and insight of the academics, professionals and influencers acting as FORESIGHT Ambassadors. The LinkedIn network offers access to an informed network of individuals and a space to discuss, debate and collaborate on ideas.

The turning point

With the recognition that climate challenges extend throughout global societies comes the need for connected stakeholders with diverse areas of insight. FORESIGHT Ambassadors are engaged in knowledge sharing and discussions at the forefront of the energy debate – join them and discuss one of the critical issues of our time.