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FORESIGHT Climate & Energy is the essential read on the global energy transition. Led by our editor in London, our network of expert journalists and writers report on what really matters, without fear or favour.

Our content is intelligent and knowledgeable, and designed to look good, digitally and in print. We focus on how to achieve thriving renewable energy markets and liveable cities through the right mix of policy, regulatory, financial and technology initiatives

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At Euroheat & Power we see FORESIGHT as that increasingly rare kind of bird, a source of independent news, analysis and insight that values content over clicks. This type of journalism has never been more necessary

Paul Voss, Managing Director, Euroheat & Power

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“We’re on the cusp of an energy transition that will change the way we produce and consume energy, creating immense opportunities at the grid edge – with buildings on one side and the grid on the other. As we seek to tackle climate change and increasing urbanization, questions such as ‘are we doing enough?’ and ‘which technologies will shape our future energy landscape?’ need to be addressed. We’re looking forward to seeing and joining discussions on these topics on FORESIGHT Climate and Energy”

Matthias Rebellius,
CEO of Siemens Smart Infrastructure