FORESIGHT Climate & Energy is the essential read on the global transition to a decarbonised energy economy


Climate change is at the top of the political agenda. Governments are promising to do much more to move from a fossil fuel economy to one based on renewable energies and greater efficiency. But there is a world of difference between knee-jerk reactions and well-thought-out change for long-term climate and societal gain.

FORESIGHT Climate & Energy bridges that difference. Its in-depth articles and expert opinions identify actionable solutions that will work long term and map their development paths to a clean energy economy.


FORESIGHT Climate & Energy is the essential read on the global energy transition. Led by our editor in London, our international network of expert journalists and writers report on what really matters, without fear or favour.

Our content is intelligent and knowledgeable, and designed to look good, digitally and in print. We focus on how to achieve thriving renewable energy markets and liveable cities through the right mix of policy, regulatory, financial and technology initiatives.

We publish top quality in-depth articles and expert opinions on our website every week and a high quality magazine twice a year focused on a specific theme.

Over 100,000 policymakers, energy experts in business, finance and academia, city leaders and leading NGOs have access to our website, while our magazine is read by over 60,000 influential stakeholders.

Editorial team 

Editor David Weston is an experienced journalist with a focus on renewable energy and wider business reporting. Based in London, he has written extensively for Windpower Monthly, a global publication, most recently as News Editor with responsibility for the daily digital news feed. David has online, print, audio, and video experience. He has previously covered consumer news, local affairs, and national politics. 

 Policy Editor Sam Morgan has reported on energy and climate policy for more than five years, focusing in particular on EU affairs in Brussels. A graduate of Columbia University’s Energy Journalism Initiative, Sam has experience of print, online and audiovisual work, producing weekly video news updates for the past two years. In 2021, he was named among the top 20 social media ‘EU influencers’ for his reporting.

Europe Editor Heather O’Brian has reported extensively about renewable energy policy and financing. Based in Milan, she began her journalism career at  the news agency Dow Jones and has written for a variety of energy, business and legal publications since then. She holds a Master’s in International Relations, with a focus on energy and environmental policy and international economics.

Americas Editor Ros Davidson grew up on an off-the-grid farm in northern Scotland and has been fascinated by energy and the environment ever since. Based near San Francisco, she has corresponded from America for many years for Scottish newspapers, Reuters and BBC radio.

Special Reports and Asia Editor Katie Kouchakji is a freelance journalist, based in Auckland, New Zealand. Katie was previously editor at Carbon Finance in London and was a market reporter at Argus Media, where she first began writing about climate change policy and emissions trading. She has written for an array of publications, including Carbon Pulse Platts and Environmental Finance.

Editorial Director Lyn Harrison is former co-owner, founder and editor of Windpower Monthly. Following the sale of Windpower Monthly to Haymarket Media in 2008, she moved to a brand development role as editorial development director. In 2012 she founded InsightWind to bring a range of advisory and communications services to a broader market. 

Art Director Trine Natskår has worked in graphic design and illustration for ten years as a part of a team at Egmont Publishing and independently running her own studio. Most recently, she has worked as an art director for a variety of magazines, including FORESIGHT Climate & Energy, leading the creation of the magazine’s visual identity. 

Other contributors 

Iva Pocock in Ireland

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We are expanding our team of expert writers. If you, or someone you know, can join the dots of the energy transition and provide intelligent insight into the sector
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Loyal to our belief in print, we also publish a high quality magazine twice a year containing in-depth articles, original artwork and beautifully shot photo essays. 

Spring/Summer 2022

The energy transition is about more than switching power carriers. Replacing fossil fuels with renewable forms of energy generation is perhaps the most significant change the world will make in its attempts to avoid the catastrophic effects of climate change. Still, it is not as simple as a straight swap. It requires a complete overhaul of how we live and interact with our world. This is where energy efficiency and the efficient use of energy comes in

Autumn/Winter 2021

A clear message that emerges in our 13th print issue of FORESIGHT Climate & Energy is that every country’s—or every city’s—carbon reduction strategies will be different, driven by different starting points, different cultures, different challenges, different raw commodities and different major emitters to abate. Whatever the strategy, common to all regions is that a successful transition will take multiple, highly coordinated actions

Spring/Summer 2021

Digits, Data & Metrics

Autumn/Winter 2020

The world electrified

Spring/Summer 2020

Getting the finance to flow

Autumn/Winter 2019

Why cities hold the key to a successful energy transition

Spring/Summer 2019

Make heating and cooling clean

Spring/Summer 2018


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Experience the magazine

Summer/Autumn 2016

Experience the magazine

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Addressing climate challenges in a sustainable and affordable way requires industry and governments to collaborate and accelerate action significantly over the next decade. EY’s association with FORESIGHT Climate & Energy supports the formation of an independent forum where perspectives, ideas and innovation collide to inspire, enable actions and fast-track the decarbonisation of society.”

Serge Colle,
EY Global Energy Advisory Leader