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“Informed journalism is vital to

move forward the energy transition.

FORESIGHT Climate & Energy

leads the field”

Helene Rasmussen Egebøl, CEO, Schneider Electric A/S


FORESIGHT Climate & Energy is the essential read from Denmark on the global transition to a decarbonised energy economy

At FORESIGHT we are passionate about inspiring the world with stories of clean energy solutions for profitable business and sustainable growth. When solutions to the challenges of climate change are not properly understood, appear economically out of reach, or lie in obscurity, progress slows. A more knowledgeable world is an enlightened world. 


A world of well-informed leaders providing clean, safe and affordable energy for all.


The delivery of reliable knowledge to decision makers worldwide, enabling the transition to 100% clean energy.


Editor-in-chief Philippa Nuttall Jones is an experienced journalist and editor with a focus on climate change, the energy transition and environmental issues. Based in Brussels, she has written for a variety of publications and organisations. She was previously Europe editor of Chemical Watch, managing editor at the Global Call for Climate Action and communications manager at the European Environmental Bureau.

Editorial advisor Lyn Harrison is former co-owner, founder and editor of Windpower Monthly. Following the sale of Windpower Monthly to Haymarket Media in 2008, she moved to a brand development role as editorial development director. In 2012 she founded InsightWind to bring a range of advisory and communications services to a broader market.

Art director Trine Natskår has worked in graphic design and illustration for ten years as a part of a team at Egmont Publishing and independently running her own studio. Most recently, she has worked as an art director for a variety of magazines, including FORESIGHT Climate & Energy, leading the creation of the magazine’s visual identity.

CEO, Kasper Thejll-Karstensen – +45 3119 4000

CCO, Kristian Lee Dahm Dickow – +45 3068 0740

Communications manager, Julie Thierry Jacobsen

Communications assistant, Laura Chute

Communications assistant, Jess Wright

Dissemination manager, Chris Govier


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For us, FORESIGHT Climate & Energy
is an essential source of deep-dive coverage
that helps shape our understanding of the 
global energy transition.”

Peter Jonsson, CEO, E.ON A/S


Loyal to our belief in print, we also publish a high quality magazine twice a year containing in-depth articles, original artwork and beautifully shot photo essays.

The FORESIGHT Climate & Energy promise

All articles published by FORESIGHT Climate & Energy will:


Be relevant to speeding up the energy transformation, making it affordable, or to mitigating and adapting to the damaging effects of climate change


Respond with a solution or partial answer to a challenge or a barrier slowing the energy transition


Set the agenda for the next steps to be taken in the energy transformation by decision makers in government, business, international bodies and civil society


Be fair, accurate, clarify complex issues and be well written and understandable


Consist of original content


Be rigorously fact-checked and professionally edited

“FORESIGHT Climate & Energy is at the front of the
global energy debate, and as our ambition is to inspire
the rest of our industry, we are proud to support
this work.

Knud Bonde, Senior Vice President,
Heat/Cooling Division at Kamstrup

FORESIGHT is independent of outside economic and political interests and assumes no responsibility for advertising material. Content from the publication may not be reproduced, distributed or stored in any form without the publisher’s written permission. FORESIGHT is a trademark of First Purple Publishing.

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