Watt Matters Podcast - 25/February/2022

A market fit-for-purpose

This week, Jan, Michaela and David are joined by Jorge Vasconcelos, chair of New Energy Solutions (NEWES) and part of the Florence School of Regulation. Jorge tells us how electricity market design is essential in getting clean energy to where it is needed


From FORESIGHT Climate & Energy, Watt Matters is a podcast all about the energy transition and the shift to a decarbonised economy.

In today’s episode, we are looking into electricity market design. A vital part of the energy transition, market design can make or break a country’s decarbonisation efforts.

You can have all the renewable energy you need, but without an effective market in which to sell the power, this time, effort and investment would be wasted leaving the energy transition to grind to a halt.

Meanwhile, the last few months have seen huge increases in power prices across Europe. Is this the sign of a broken market or a symptom of something much bigger? Paired with more distributed energy resources, the rise of the prosumer and digitalisation, the electricity market is having to adapt rapidly.

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Illustration: Masha Krasnova-Shabaeva. Art director: Trine Natskår.

Show notes:

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