Powerfully Balanced

At any given moment wind power supplies between zero and 140% of Denmark’s electricity. A robust grid network, flexible operation of power production and a well functioning electricity network make sure the lights stay on, also in hurricane-force winds.


Climate & Energy Business Denmark

In the launch issue of FORESIGHT we tell the story of Denmark’s transition to all-renewable energy for heat and power; how smart thinking and new technology is making cities nicer, cleaner and more adaptable to rapid growth and weather extremes; and why financial innovation has brought a new level of investor confidence to the climate and energy space. Plus much more.

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Making biofuels from sunlight

In photosynthesis light energy is converted to chemical energy to build up plants. But a newly discovered process is doing the exact opposite — using sunlight to break down plant biomass into sugars, which is why the scientists behind the discovery call it reverse photosynthesis.

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Copenhagen firms up a fluffy concept

Collecting and mining data lies at the heart of making cities smarter and cleaner places to live. Copenhagen’s Street Lab is a living demonstration of the latest technology at work

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Self Sufficient Sewage

Treating wastewater (a euphemistic term for processing sewage) is costly. It is highly energy intensive and for local authorities can often be the main guzzler of electricity. With a new approach, however, all that can change.

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Jeffrey Sachs

Your assumptions might be wrong

Conventional wisdom tells us that the tougher the environmental regulations applied, the less competitive industries become and the more likely to relocate production to more welcoming shores. Pernicious nonsense, says the OECD.

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A Big Green House

Development of sustainable buildings is moving fast, pushing them to being energy producers rather than energy consumers. An early and futuristic example is the United Nations regional headquarters in Copenhagen, UN City, with its vast solar panel-covered roof, 
seawater cooling system and rain-water-flushed sanitation.

Urban landscapes for a wetter future

India takes bumpy road to smartness